Importance of customer feedback for your business

With a consumer-facing business, it is very important to give your customers a positive experience. It requires significant efforts to know what your customers feel about your service. The entire journey of providing customers a positive experience begins as soon as they visit your office/site and receive the service. Collecting feedback from your customers and starting a 2-way communication to enhance customer satisfaction would surely help growth.

Manual reviews on paper are time-consuming and tiring. At the same time, building and maintaining a web platform is expensive and calls for special technical skills. To address these issues, we have come up with a platform that will provide you these features with affordable spending. Opino is an intuitive app that collects your customer reviews and comments on a tablet device.


The digital dashboard and downloadable feedback reports would help you assess, analyze, introspect and suitably respond to the feedbacks. You can create critical customer engagement to help you to stand out from your competition. You will know where you’re doing well and what your clients’ pain points are. The interface allows you to do all this without spending too much time and energy. Everything is stored on the cloud platform. So it’s secure and scalable. You can learn more about Opino features on

Opino offers 3 price plan options to choose from based on your business requirements and with no lock-in contract. Why wait? We welcome you to start your 7-days free trial now and enjoy the Opino experience at